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yet2’s client is seeking a 3D surface mapping technology for use in an industrial application that will perform reliably in a dusty/smoky environment.

The scanning technology is required to measure and map in three dimensions surface wear/erosion, as well as identify defects (such as cracking) in a surface. The surface may comprise a range of materials such as metals and ceramics of various types, so the technology needs to function across different materials.

Our client is interested in sensing technologies that will perform well in this environment, as well as complete surface measuring systems.

Key Success Criteria

  • Able to detect and locate deviations (at the 20mm scale) in surface materials.
  • Function in low visibility and unaffected by dust.


Nice to Have

  • Able to detect and locate deviations (at the 10mm scale) in surface materials.
  • Able to identify between materials.
  • Ability to work in high temperatures.
  • Fast processing time compared with commercially available systems


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