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StrongArm Offering: Wearable to Improve Worker Safety-Image of workers in a factory wearing the FUSE Risk Management Platform

yet2’s partner company Chartline makes non-control investments in enterprise and industrial technology companies working to make core industries more efficient, reliable, and safe. One of their investment companies is StrongArm.

StrongArm Tech‘s core product improves worker safety. It consists of, small wearable sensors, smartdock charging station, communication hub, and ISO certified dashboard called the the FUSE Risk Management Platform. The safety data feeds into StrongArm’s databricks analysis system to capture, analyze, predict and prevent workplace injuries and accidents. This integrated system drives StrongArm’s mission to create a better future for blue collar workers or as they like to call them Industrial Athletes™.

With >25 Million hours of on-body data collected to date, and a job-specific data-pool across a variety if industries, including warehousing, logistics, distribution, light and heavy manufacturing (food, bev, auto, CPG), and retail growing exponentially, StrongArm puts their clients in the position to make smarter decisions, deliver safer workplaces, optimize workforces, and reduce insurance costs.  Their smart, dedicated, passionate team executes on this mission daily – earning safety a seat at the decision making table.

The results speak for themselves – with the proven ability to reduce MMH claims costs by 45% year-over-year, they’re proud of what they’ve delivered for customers such as WalMart, Albertsons, Target, Toyota, Tyson, Coca-Cola, and more.

StrongArm believes that the ability to return home uninjured at the end of a long day is a right, not a privilege, and that the data and real-time feedback the StrongArm system provides can enable teams to reduce incident frequency and severity in the pursuit of ZERO.  In many cases, deep insurance partnerships subsidize the cost of the tech to the enterprise.

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