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yet2 is supporting a multinational biopharmaceutical company in their search for technologies that enable participants in clinical trials to easily record and share accurate height and weight measurements remotely, from their own living space.

Of highest interest are technologies/devices that are:

  1. Easy for non-experts to set up, calibrate, and use unassisted in their own living space
  2. Used in healthcare applications (and, ideally, validated for clinical trials)


Additional Requirements and Constraints

Ideally, our client is looking for an easy-to-use, validated e-solution (digital and mobile-enabled) for remote height and weight measurement with the following characteristics:

  • Commercially-available (or close to product launch)
  • Minimal, simple, and non-bulky hardware
  • Able to automatically upload measurement data to an electronic data capture system
  • A back-end data management system that is accessible/correctable/amendable by clinical investigators
  • Reports measurements in both metric and imperial units

Bluetooth-enabled and other “connected” scales are only of interest if a height measurement technology is integrated into the system. Similarly, analogue stadiometers are not of interest.

Know of a Relevant Technology and Company?

If you would like to submit an innovative technology and associated company to be considered by our client for partnership, please contact Daniel Soltan at yet2 (dsoltan@yet2.com). Please include with your submission the following notes:

  • Brief description of the innovative technology
  • Specific value proposition(s) of the technology compared to alternatives
  • Name and brief description of the associated company
  • Current development stage of the technology

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