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Seeking: Novel Purification Techniques for Biological Molecules-pumps tubes and liquids associated with High pressure liquid chromatography A yet2 client is seeking innovative technologies or methods to selectively recover specific biological molecules during a purification process at high efficiency and purity.

The primary target application is to selectively recover the protein albumin from blood plasma. Novel and highly selective techniques used in purification processes, including those that recover albumin (from various sources) or for other biological target molecules are of interest.


Blood plasma is widely used by the pharmaceutical industry to develop novel therapeutics. Plasma must first be purified to obtain proteins of interest. Traditionally albumin has been recovered from plasma using the well-established Cohn method in conjunction with chromatography solutions.  The goal of this project is to seek modern separation technologies that improve process efficiency and sustainability.


The following criteria would be considered in scope:

  • Provide a Recovery: ≥80% and Purity: ≥96%
  • Solution will be scalable to industrial levels including eventual cost (for example potential for low COGS)
  • Processing Technology: Sustainable solutions are preferred, e.g., ethanol-free


Possible Solution Areas

  • Novel protein separation techniques
  • Advances in affinity chromatography or other affinity-based separations
  • Molecular sieves, e.g., functionalized graphene
  • Non-human serum proteins and antibodies
  • Food and Agriculture industries
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining waste, decontamination, desalination


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Technologies and/or partners with solutions at any development stage are of interest. Open to a variety of partnership avenues including Joint Development Agreements, Research Sponsorships, Licensing, Supplier etc.


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