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Solutions for Spatial Profiling (Genomics)-Image of Illustration of spatial transcripomics

A yet2 client, an established company in medical imaging and tissue diagnostics, seeks technologies related to spatial analysis, with a specific focus on immuno-oncology and immunohistochemistry.  Solutions of interest will range from academic research, early startups, SMEs, and established organizations innovating in this technology space.


Spatial analytics is defined as image analysis of histopathological samples and includes tissue/structure detection, proximity/spatial relationship assessment, and morphological analysis.  Spatial analytics is at the forefront of modern medical research today as this technology allows for the capture of single cell data within the context of larger tissue samples.


Solutions will ideally:

  • Have applications for immuno-oncology
  • Have single cell resolution
  • Be hardware agnostic


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Our Client is looking to work with a partner to bring spatial analysis technologies to the relevant clinical settings for testing and optimization.  Partners could include startups or established companies supplying to the research field.   Our Client is open to nascent technologies that may not currently be at mass production and eventually enter into a joint development phase to bring the technology to the market.

Field of Use and Intended Applications




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Photo Credit: STomics on Twitter

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