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Unilever is seeking novel methods of measuring skin physiology parameters accurately and reproducibly.


  • The ability to accurately and reproducibly measure changes in physiological parameters of the skin is key to being able to demonstrate product benefits.
  • Traditional measurement capabilities whilst robust and well-validated often do not allow for the discrimination of product effects.
  • Non-invasive measurements allow greater chances of inclusion in a clinical setting
  • Measurement of skin ageing and of disrupted epidermal skin health (e.g. dryness, sensitivity etc) are of particular interest.



  • The ability to make more detailed and discriminatory measurements – or more discriminatory analysis from existing measurements – would provide increased scope for testing in open settings
  • The non-invasive collection and analysis of biomarkers would be considered
  • Relevant measurements which can be related to parameters of skin physiology and product usage are sought.


Desired Outcome

  • Provision of novel measurement capabilities which allow the demonstration of product efficacy and product discrimination.
  • Improved analytical methods, that can demonstrate product benefit, using data generated with current instruments (Visia, primos, cutometer, TWEL etc..) deployed in skin clinical studies.
  • Ideally non-invasive measurements
  • Transferrable capabilities which could be implemented in clinical settings i.e. does not rely on panellists attending a dedicated facility
  • Meaningful measurements/analysis which can be related to skin physiology and benefit areas.


What We Aren’t Interested In

  • Invasive techniques
  • Non-discriminating measurements
  • Non-transferrable measurements which cannot be deployed at non-core facilities.
  • Measurements we already use
  • Measurements which cannot be related to skin physiology


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