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A yet2 client is seeking viable pipeline solutions/materials that allow the transport of products such as Hydrocarbons, Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen at high pressures whilst reducing the associated risks such as corrosion or embrittlement.


Pipeline material traditionally used in the oil and gas industry have many disadvantages, including susceptibility to corrosion, high weight, ongoing maintenance costs and limited fatigue handling. When transporting products such as Hydrogen or Carbon Dioxide, additional issues arise. Hydrogen can cause embrittlement of the steel and welds used to fabricate the pipelines, and CO2 in the presence of water forms carbonic acid, which leads to severe
corrosion of steels and low alloys.


Preferred solutions will be required to meet the following (provisional) criteria:

  • Safely transport a variety of gaseous products, including H2 and CO2. Installation in various locations (subsea, on-shore below ground, on-shore above ground).
  • High operating pressures (>40 bar, ~80-100 bar operating pressure is desired).
  • Different inner diameters from 12 inch to 20 inch, with the larger diameters preferred.
  • Certified to required standards for industrial applications (Geographical region to be specified).


Desired outcome of the solution

The Client is interested in becoming customers for those companies with market-ready technologies. The Client may also be interested in investing in novel technologies of smaller scale that show promise.

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