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This organization is seeking consulting experts to critically evaluate and assess the viability of a new energy technology based on publicly available validation reports/experimental data. The assessment will involve reasoned feedback to conclusions and critiques as well as recommendations for future experiments using new techniques/methods to improve confidence in the technology.


Developing sustainable energy sources is a high-priority topic for today’s innovators. Innovations are being sought through different avenues with some yielding success while others fail. Through these varied efforts, there is always an opportunity to learn and innovate further. The nascent technology we are assessing presents such an opportunity. By applying the principles of modern physics, chemistry, energy transfer, and thermodynamics, among others, we will perform a broad and independent review of this technology. Experts in these and other applicable fields are required to evaluate this opportunity and offer insights into the viability of the new energy source.


  • Experts must be accredited within their field(s).
  • Experts must be unrestrained to make objective unbiased evaluations.


Possible Areas of Expertise

  • Energy conversion
  • Thermodynamics
  • Calorimetry
  • Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Modern Physics


Desired outcome of the solution

Looking for independent experts to evaluate the experimental validation reports of a nascent energy technology.

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