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The Manufacture of Advanced Key Energy Infrastructure Technologies (MAKE IT) Prize aims to catalyze domestic manufacturing of critical clean energy technology components, moving manufacturing facilities from planning to shovel-ready and enabling strategies for vibrant manufacturing activities in communities. This prize, developed by the Office of Technology Transitions in partnership with the Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations and the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, and administered by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, has a prize pool of approximately $30 million spread across two tracks: Facilities and Strategies.

The Facilities Track accelerates clean energy technology manufacturing plant development and helps support establishing a robust, secure domestic supply chain for components deemed critical for the commercialization of clean energy technologies. This track invites U.S.-based entities with demonstrated commitment and capabilities in domestic manufacturing to complete and submit the work necessary for a shovel-ready manufacturing facility for specific clean energy technology components, including components related to hydrogen, the electric grid, long-duration energy storage, and carbon capture.

This page outlines the eligibility and track structure for the Facilities Track. More information on the Facilities Track and instructions for competing can be found in the official rules document. or, please visit the Facilities Track HeroX page.

Competitor Eligibility

U.S.-based entities interested in establishing a manufacturing plant for an eligible clean energy technology may submit a statement of intent for the Facilities Track. Eligible components include:

  • Manufacturing and/or recycling of components for production, processing, delivery, and storage, of clean hydrogen and/or hydrogen fuel cells:
    • Facilities to extract and process raw materials for electrolyzer and hydrogen fuel cell manufacturing
    • Precision manufactured subcomponents for electrolyzers and fuel cells and facilities for electrolyzer and fuel cell assembly
    • Optimized balance-of-plant components for electrolyzers
    • Production capacity for hydrogen-specific infrastructure.
  • Manufacturing of components related to electric grid upgrades and long-duration energy storage:
    • Components for distribution and large power transformers
    • Components for high-voltage direct current transmission
    • Manufacturing and assembly of long-duration energy storage components and systems.
  • Manufacturing of components related to carbon capture and storage:
    • Carbon capture solvent, sorbent, and membrane recovery facilities.

More information on competitor eligibility and the eligible components can be found in the official rules document.

Track Structure

The Facilities Track includes submission of a statement of intent and two phases.

  • Statement of Intent: Competitors submit a letter of intent describing their team and the clean energy technology to be manufactured. Competitors will be notified if their statement is deemed eligible to compete in Phase 1: Scope.
  • Phase 1: Scope: Competitors submit a plan to establish a manufacturing facility for their identified clean energy technology. Approximately 12 winners will be awarded $500,000 each and will advance to the Phase 2: Shovel-Ready.
  • Phase 2: Shovel-Ready: Competitors will demonstrate they are “shovel-ready” for the construction of a manufacturing facility including control of a site, permits, financing, and proof of community engagement. Up to four winners will be awarded $4.5 million each.

There are two opportunities to compete in the Facilities Track: through the Primary Timeline or the Secondary Timeline. Competitors who submit a statement of intent that is deemed eligible during the Primary Timeline may submit subsequent materials by either the Primary or Secondary Timeline deadlines, but are encouraged to submit as soon as they are ready, as a limited number of prizes are available and the competition will close once all funds are awarded.

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