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A yet2 client is seeking a partner in the personalized nutrition industry who can translate scientific know-how and measurements into a tool (i.e. software, analytics engine, app) for personalized analytics, insights, and recommendations.

The ideal partner will be able to provide:

  • Scientifically rigorous methods to measure and evaluate health wellness
  • Personalized analytics and insights based on blood-based biomarkers, health metrics, demographics, etc.
  • Science-based actionable recommendations for users



There are many companies today that are able to provide health or DNA analytics to consumers. However, a simple analytics report provides users with little direction about how to actually improve their health. By pairing a scientifically rigorous assessment with actionable insights and recommendations, users can tangibly improve their health with a plan that is personalized for them.



The ideal partner must:

  • Have scientifically validated methods to measure overall health and wellness
  • Have a strong scientific background and basis for the technology and analytics
  • Have a management team with technical/scientific backgrounds
  • Be able to inform users about the status of various aspects of their health
  • Provide an actionable plan that is personalized for the user


Possible Solution Areas:

  • Health software companies
  • Health and wellness analytics startups
  • Nutrition analytics startups
  • Analytics engines


Desired outcome of the solution:

Partnership with large consumer healthcare product company


Field of use and intended applications:

Personalized health and wellness recommendations paired with personalized nutrition products

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