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The market for products in the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing quickly. According to an article in Forbes (27 November 20161), IoT market estimates range from $3.7B USD to $470B USD by 2020, with billions of devices collecting data. The article reports that there is a growing focus on using sensor-based data both for consumers and industry.

Omron believes that this wealth of data will be captured and traded in an open market. We want to help enable and develop that market with partner organizations.
Currently, there exist IoT platform vendors who supply sensing data, but that data is trapped by proprietary platforms, and the data cannot easily be offered to or used by others. As only one example, Omron possesses a large volume of data on blood pressure readings in Japan, but this data is rarely if ever used beyond Omron.

Technology Benefits (Statement)

The immense amount of data that is currently generated by IoT sensors used by consumers and industry is trapped behind proprietary data formats and cannot easily be traded in an open market. A common Open IoT Platform for services will help all participants make better use of their data, analyze their data more fully, and find correlations with other data that now go unrecognized.
Manufacturing sensors under such a common platform designed for data exchange makes the sensors more valuable to their manufacturers and to consumers.
The patents and applications cited by Omron in this TechPak should be looked on only as examples.

Technology Differentiation and Uniqueness

In an embodiment of a Sensing Data Trading Market as envisioned by Omron, a data cloud exists where sensing data from various sources can be matched to the application requiring the data. Matching is performed between the application side metadata and the sensor side metadata so that the application requiring the data is supplied by the correct sensor(s) in the correct format.

Development Status Summary:

Under active development.

Specific Patent Information

US 2014/0372561 A1
US 2016/0210862 A1

Related Competency

Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, OMRON Corporation is a global leader in the field of automation. Established in 1933, and headed by President Yoshihito Yamada, Omron has more than 36,000 employees in over 35 countries working to provide products and services to customers in a variety of fields including industrial automation, electronic components, social systems, healthcare, and the environment.

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