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A yet2 client is seeking new materials and suppliers of fibrous/paper-like packaging material that meet the client’s goal of hitting recycling targets with packaging greater than 95% paper by weight. The material/s could be used as a tray for frozen products (e.g. ready meals) and will be required to maintain integrity during and after being heated either in an oven, a microwave or both.


The use of plastics in packaging and recycling has become an increasingly important topic in recent years as issues with single-use plastic waste in the environment have continued to worsen. However, due to plastic laminate films, such as those used in flexible packaging for food, being difficult to recycle. Our client is looking to replace their current plastic ‘cook in pack’ ready meal packaging portfolio with a more sustainable fibrous/paper-based solution in order to meet new packaging standards. The ‘cook in pack’ solution could consist of the tray or tray and lid.


Materials should be:

  • Sourced from a sustainable resource/infrastructure
  • Fibre/Paper-based product either mono-material or greater than 95% paper by weight
  • Must be able to handle both wet and dry filling methods
  • Fat resistant (especially while cooking)
  • Ability to thermo-seal a lid onto the packaging
  • Solution should be able to handle either microwave or oven cooking
  • Solutions that are commercially available or nearly commercially available are of higher interest

Previously Attempted Solutions

Silicone based paper laminates; solutions struggled with thermo-seal lidding. Similar solutions that can achieve this type of lidding are still of interest.

Desired Outcome of the Solution

Open to a variety of partnership avenues including: Supplier, collaboration, etc.

Field of Use and Intended Applications

Materials that could be used as a tray for frozen products (e.g. ready meals).

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