yet2 client is seeking lithium metal battery technologies with improved safety, durability, and energy efficiency over existing Lithium Ion batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries are everywhere: electric vehicles, smartphones, power tools and consumer devices all make use of this technology. Yet Li-ion batteries are pricey and have been known to catch fire. Furthermore, Li-ion batteries are expected to reach an energy limit in the next few years. But a safer lithium metal battery, like that first developed in the 1970s, could potentially possibly break the energy-density bottleneck of current Li-ion chemistry and increase it by 10 fold.


  • Potential solutions include novel Li metal anode, current collector, surface structure or electrolytes for Li metal batteries
  • Primary or secondary batteries
  • Solid or semi-solid battery are in scope (no interest for liquid electrolytes)
  • Prototype stage required with access to test data (e.g. thickness, mA/cm2 current)
  • IP preferred
  • Application agnostic
  • Commercialized product or at least a prototype is preferred, but will consider University/Institute/Lab stage technology if there are claims of a major improvement in performance

Possible Solution Areas: improved electrolytes, electrolyte alternatives, solid electrolytes, solid state batteries, advanced membranes, novel electrode design, novel cathode design, etc.

Desired outcome of the solution

Looking for partners to make the technology.