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The food and beverage market currently has significant growing demand for protein rich or protein enriched products. The trend is clearly demonstrated in the recent success of Greek style yogurt and the growing demand plant-based food and beverages. The challenge with protein additions at levels at which claims can be made is that the protein adversely impacts the texture/mouth feel, taste, color, of the product. Therefore, consumer perceptions of the product suffer. The goal is to locate novel new proteins that do not suffer from these drawbacks and/or unique extraction methods to mitigate/minimize their magnitude. Goal is to get to a claimable content of protein relevant to each category.

Key Success Criteria


  • Plant-based proteins, and non-animal proteins resulting from bio synthesis/fermentation process shall be the major focus. Avoid animal, soy protein.
  • High PDCAAS is highly desirable.
  • Minimal flavor and texture impact
  • Process friendly for beverage applications (e.g. good dispersion, solubility, foaming or lack thereof)
  • Evidence to show the unique value of the protein.
  • Product specifications
  • Amino acid profile
  • Digestibility information
  • Regulatory information


  • Scientific research done to prove the uniqueness.
  • Non-GMO
  • Negligible flavor and texture impact
  • Other nutritional benefits to the source besides high protein content (fiber)
  • “Clean Label”, i.e. easy to pronounce and common (e.g. familiar, “kitchen” ingredients are highly desirable and avoid chemical-sounding ingredients) or at the minimum has a good sustainability story or other differentiation to conventional animal and dairy proteins
  • Non-allergen


Possible Approaches

PepsiCo is interested in all approaches capable of achieving the performance stated with the exceptions noted below.

Approaches not of interest

  • Soy
  • Cricket powder
  • Meal worm powder
  • Animal
  • Single cell protein

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