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Sustainable Food Packaging with Barrier Properties-Image of Frozen Vegetables

A yet2 client seeks a food-safe, sustainable (recyclable or compostable) packaging material that can be used as a wrap for frozen food products. The packaging must act as an oil and moisture barrier at low but variable temperatures. It is required that at least one surface is printable to a high quality. The material should be able to be crimped or folded and glued or sealed.


FMCG companies are seeking sustainable solutions for product packaging as part of their effort to reach stated carbon neutral goals. Recyclability, compostability, renewable source materials, and reducing energy to manufacture the packaging all play a role in moving towards sustainable packaging.

The objective of this challenge is to discover sustainable packaging with moisture barrier properties that can withstand the fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels in the frozen food supply chain. The desired solution should be easily recycled or composted and have improved moisture barrier properties at low temperatures.


Minimum Expectations for the Wrap Material
  • Recyclable, or even better, compostable
  • Barrier to oil-based coatings of the product
  • Barrier to water transport from the freezer to the product
  • Maintain barrier integrity for up to 18 months
  • Water Vapour Transmission Rate (WVTR): < 0.15 g/m2/day (at -18C and warmer and at 80% relative humidity)
  • Food safe
  • Does not contain PVDC or PFA
  • Contains less than 10% ash content
  • High quality printability
  • Can be shaped and folded, crimped and sealed
  • Tear-able by consumer
  • Properties data available, include WVTR
  • Samples available for analysis of performance in application
  • Cost competitive
Ideal Wrap Solution
  • Halal, Kosher, vegan/vegetarian compliant
  • WVTR data at low temperature available


Possible Solution Areas

 Include, but are not limited to

  • Metallized papers & metallization techniques
  • Coated barrier papers
  • Biopolymer films and other non-plastic coatings
  • Papers with embedded barrier technology
  • Laminated layers that can be easily separated into appropriate recycled waste streams
  • Other packaging materials that fit criteria


Solution Provider Profile

commercially available, pre-commercial solutions from companies, universities or research institutes globally.

Desired Outcome of the Solution

The client would like to find technologies that could be scaled to a cost competitive, commercial level.


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Photo Credit: Willfried Wende from Pixabay

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