yet2 manages and maintains PepsiCo’s open innovation portal, which is part of PepsiCo Technology Ventures. PepsiCo Technology Ventures is an upstream, externally facing, department within PepsiCo R&D. They actively scout for, identify and develop strategic partnerships with external collaborators. Their goal is to locate key external insights, business models and technical unlocks and new capabilities that, when partnered with PepsiCo’s robust internal R&D expertise, will yield disruptive innovation in their core products and/or new and emerging products. They are currently exploring novel technology spaces that can dramatically impact their portfolio of foods and beverages. PepsiCo is interested in improving all facets of their supply chain—from raw material inputs all the way to the consumer consumption—and identifying global efficiencies in areas including crop science, ingredients, processing, packaging, equipment, distribution/fleet, retail and e-commerce. PepsiCo is also committed to sustainability for our planet and our communities.

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