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A yet2 client is seeking non-prescription products or late-stage technologies for use by men for haircare, skincare, or grooming.  These products/technologies should have at least preliminary demonstration of efficacy in improving underlying causes of undesirable hair or skin conditions, such as oiliness, razor burn, or folliculitis.

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As men pursue healthier skin, many are seeking to find products specifically developed for their needs.  In addition to the presence of facial hair, men’s skin displays structural differences compared to women’s skin such as being 25% thicker and having a tougher texture.



Solutions should:

  • Be in late stage development or in limited commercial distribution.
  • Display a specific benefit for men’s skin/hair and goes beyond masculine packaging/fragrance
  • Ideally with data or scientific backing
  • Be free from animal products and use clean ingredients.


Possible Solution Areas:

Non-prescription products/devices or technologies developed for men’s grooming and skin/hair care are of interest and those coming from a dermatologist/professional setting are ideal.  Examples may include but are not limited to novel delivery platforms, devices, and products for shaving, razor burn, or anything specifically for men beyond packaging and fragrance.

Desired outcome of the solution:

Interested in acquisition or partnership.

Field of use and intended applications:

Consumer men’s skin/hair care, grooming/shaving

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