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This project is no longer open for submissions.

Suntory is seeking ingredient and academic partners relevant to “Gut Health” study, focusing on immune system boost or slimming.

However dietary fiber and bacteria (live/killed) are excluded for this project.


Consumers are putting more attention on the products which support gut health.

Gut health claims are popular in variety of dairy products mostly proven by dietary fiber and bacteria (live/killed), and high fiber content confectionary products also provide multiple choices in this area.

However, there is no available solution for ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage coming from natural sources aside from fiber and bacteria.

The goal of this project is to identify available ingredients and academic studies about natural and traditional ingredient focusing on “immune system boost” or “slimming” for beverage application.

Key Success Criteria


  • Natural and traditional source of ingredients
  • Relevant researches and studies on natural ingredient, potential for commercialization and scale up
  • Cost effective
  • Good solubility, pH stable (< 4.0 is more desirable), and heat stable (UHT condition)
  • Clinical study data (Clinical study on Indonesian or Thai consumer is more desirable)
  • Halal suitable, SEA all countries compliance


  • Non-GMO, Non-allergy
  • Minimum taste and color impact in final beverage
  • Clean label
  • Environment friendly
  • Common and easily understandable ingredient name from consumer’s point of view is more desirable

Possible Approaches

All approaches that are applicable for RTD beverage

Approaches not of interest

Suntory is not interested in fibers or bacteria.

Preferred Collaboration types

To be negotiated: open for consultant, joint development with academia partner as well as commercially available solution

Additional Information

They would like to receive the following documents/information with your proposal.

  • Overview of company/academia
  • Executive summary of proposal
  • Scientific article
  • Stability data of active ingredient
  • Patent document/status
  • Product specification
  • Clinical study data (Clinical study on Indonesian or Thai consumer is more desirable)


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