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Detergent powders use soluble salts heavily as part of their composition. There is a need to reduce chemicals used in the composition. This can be potentially achieved by including higher levels of water without impacting physical properties of detergent powder.

Main Requirements

  • Water soluble salt hydrates that have significant amount of water associated with them (at least 50% by weight)
  • Stability: raw material, in detergent powder and under high temperature and humidity
  • Commercially viable process to make salt hydrates with good scalability (e.g. with right layering aids and processing steps)
  • Cost of salt hydrate should be similar to current salts used in detergent powders

Desired Outcome

  • Detergent powders with significantly high level of water without any issues in processing and shelf life
  • Feasibility of inclusion across different powder processing routes

What We Are Not Interested In

  • Ingredients and impurities in materials with Safety concerns
  • Already known gelling polymers and insoluble materials

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