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Patient Communication Equipment for Virtual Caregivers-vector image of a masc-presenting doctor and femme-presenting patient with digital items and medication icons in flat illustrative style

This organization is seeking communication equipment that would allow a patient, either in a hospital or a clinic, to bring a caregiver into important conversations with HealthCare Providers (HCP) virtually, via video or audio, for occasions when the caregiver cannot be present in person. In the event the caregiver is not available to connect to a live conversation, the solution would record the interaction and send a link to a recording which would be viewed at a more convenient time.


Caregivers are an integral component to a patient’s journey to recovery. But there are times when they cannot be at the hospital or clinic with the patient. This can lead to missing important health information, such as the nuances about a diagnosis or prognosis, discharge instructions, follow up treatments, etc. which the caregiver needs to understand.

Patients can try to get their designated caregiver involved in these critical health conversations via the hospital provided phone or on a personal cell phone for, but neither is ideal.

To reduce confusion about care plans, our client is seeking communication methods or technologies that would enable the HCP to bring a caregiver into the dialogue via video (and/or audio). If the caregiver cannot connect at that time, they will be sent a notification of, and access to, a recording to review the doctor – patient discussion. The goal is to improve patient quality of life by keeping important caregivers abreast of healthcare developments as well as the HCP’s directions around the patient’s ongoing care requirements.


Communication Components will:

  • Be in the patient room
  • Be triggered to connect with a designated caregiver(s) by the healthcare professional
  • Able to share a secure recording with the caregiver, viewable for a pre-determined amount of time.
  • Have the option of integrating into a patient’s EHR but also have the ability to operate independently from it.


Possible Solution Areas

Solutions already used in a medical setting are ideal, but our client is open to adapting suitable solutions from other industries. They are amenable to co-development or integration of multiple components.

  • Clinical communication platforms
  • Audio/video recording platforms
  • Transcription solutions
  • Patient Health Data Aggregators
  • Existing video or audio call providers
  • Automatic transcription solutions
  • Voice activation/NLP solutions (as a component)


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Looking for partners willing to collaborate to bring a solution to market.


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Photo Credit: Megan Rexazin from Pixabay

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