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Multi-Bearer Remote Speaker Microphone Device for public safety and first responders-Imagie of Three firefighters approaching a fire

A yet2 client is seeking technologies and/or partners to design a multi-bearer Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) device for public safety and first responders. The challenge is to come-up with a design that will accommodate the simultaneous use of legacy PMR bearers (Tetra, Tetrapol, DMR) and broadband bearers (4G, 5G) in demanding environments and at a low-cost. Other key design aspects are outlined in the key requirements below.


Public Safety networks have been well served for many years by remote speaker microphone devices operating on narrowband technologies like TETRA and Tetrapol. Now, the organizations responsible for these networks have the opportunity to add mobile broadband technologies, and the key added benefits and applications that come with them.

Since that the migration from narrowband technologies to broadband technologies will happen gradually over several years (10+), the need for continuity and the desire to cause least disruption to existing operational models can be met by deploying a hybrid network. In this approach, a first responder organization can continue with a legacy PMR network for mission-critical voice and data and introduce mobile broadband services step-by-step.

Key Requirements

  • Device capable of multi-bearer support including the integration and simultaneous usage of PMR and Broadband bearers together
    • PMR bearers: Tetrapol, Tetra, DMR – Trunked (network) mode operation and Direct mode operation
    • Broadband bearers: 4G, 5G – Commercial frequency bands (at least Europe and Middle-East). PPDR frequency bands (at least bands 28 and 68).

Speaker Microphone Device Design Characteristics Should Include:

  • Rough size of device: 100mm and weight of 300g (without antenna)
  • Quick access to critical features (audio in/out, PTT, channel selection, volume tuning, emergency key)
  • Small display for key information (Com mode, group/call identity, battery level, reception level etc.)
  • Accessories connectivity (chargers, headset, earpiece etc.)
  • Support of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB required. NFC connection desired but not mandatory
  • Application processor needs to be capable of running Linux
  • Capable of greater than 12 hours of use without recharging
  • Low-cost designs are preferred, without compromising quality


Possible Solution Areas

  • SDR (Software Defined Radio) based architecture
  • Open to any other technology solutions to integrate PMR and Broadband bearers


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Seeking to partner with organizations to design and potentially manufacture multi-bearer remote speaker microphone devices.


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