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yet2’s Client is seeking innovation partners in the LATAM region with a range of manufacturing capabilities and capacities. This project is seeking partners with specific capabilities in Home Care and Personal Care products.


  • Manufacturing location(s) in the LATAM region
  • Ability and willingness to explore and innovate with new formats for Home Care and/or Personal Care products. Examples include:
    • Dissolvable sheets
    • Dissolvable sachets
    • Concentrated products
    • Durables/devices + chemistry
    • Packaging innovations
  • Follows Good Manufacturing Practices and meets other relevant safety/regulatory standards
  • Able to manufacture batches of any or all of the following ranges:
    • Small batch (10-100)
    • Medium batch (100-200)
    • Large batch (3,000 – 30,000)
  • Other important criteria include:
    • Cost
    • Product performance
    • Packaging innovation
    • Shipping/logistics
    • Capacity & Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
    • Time to make batches
    • Sustainability/green chemistry


Possible Solution Areas:

  • Home care product manufacturing
  • Personal care product manufacturing
  • Device/durables manufacturing
  • CPG manufacturing
  • Packaging innovation
  • Product format innovation


Desired outcome of the solution:

Partners able to work at various phases of product development, from innovation to prototyping & manufacturing.

Related Tech Needs;


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