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This project is no longer open for submissions.


This company is looking for sugar-based materials that show effectiveness in preventing obesity and/or suppressing the rapid rise of blood glucose. In recent years, obesity due to the intake of sucrose, and the increase in the number of patients with diabetes caused by elevated blood glucose levels, has become a major problem. We are looking for functional sugars that can act as alternative sweeteners and that will not cause obesity or trigger high blood glucose levels.

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Specifically, we are looking for functional sugars with effectiveness in the following areas. If you can offer a sugar that can prevent obesity and/or the rapid increase of postprandial blood glucose levels, it need not be limited to the following mechanisms of action.

  1. A sugar (e.g. psicose, which is not metabolized) that provides an anti-obesity effect.
    • Mechanisms such as fat-burning, basal metabolic hyperactivity, absorption inhibition are all of interest.
  2. A sugar that suppresses glucose elevation.
    • The sugar itself may cause moderate blood glucose increase; e.g. trehalose.
    • The sugar mitigates the rise in blood glucose caused by other carbohydrates; e.g. Arabinose.
      • The sugar inhibits the degradation of carbohydrates by enzymes.
      • The sugar accelerates glucose uptake into muscle cells and adipocytes.
      • Any other mechanism could be of interest.

Your proposed solution should meet these criteria:

  • The solution should be a type of sugar (we are not interested in non-sugar solutions such as artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, or dietary fiber).
  • The sugar must show efficacy.
  • There are no restrictions on the development stage (in-vivo, in-vitro, animal experiments, cell tests, etc.).
  • You need to show evidence and mechanism of action.
  • There are no specific restrictions on the final form of transaction such as material supply or license.
  • We need to know if the solution is currently mass-produced in industrial volumes or if you have any plans for mass-production.
  • We are looking for materials that can be used in beverages and foods. We are not looking for ingredients for medicines.

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