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Seeking Future of Food, Image of carrots raspberries and other vegetables on a white background

A yet2 client is seeking technologies related to the Future of Food, with a strong focus on promoting healthy and sustainable eating habits.  Solutions may come from a wide variety of technology areas but should be focused on reducing or lessening the effects of unhealthy ingredients (e.g., saturated fats, sugars, salt) and/or promoting the uptake of healthier eating habits.


This client is interested in providing consumers healthier and more sustainable eating choices and solutions. Sustainable food technology is a growing space with solutions ranging from alternatives to animal meat, unique product formats, and reducing/modifying the unhealthier aspects of certain ingredients. This client would like to understand the landscape of technologies that are currently used for healthy eating and food products with solutions that lead to comparable or improved taste with comparable or improved convenience.

Areas of Interest

  • Plant-based (or other alternative protein) meats and related products
  • Cellular agriculture
  • Alternative fats (reducing saturated fats, cholesterols, no partially hydrogenated oils)
  • Novel solutions for reducing sugars and salt
  • Products or ingredients with targeted health benefits (beyond vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc.) that solve for the core need


Possible Solution Technology Areas

  • CPGs
  • Novel processing (e.g., 3D printing)
  • Ingredients and additives
  • Flavors – including masking agents and other taste modulators
  • New/convenient delivery formats that solve for the core need


Possible Solution Providers

  • Promising academic research
  • Start-up companies
  • Established companies continuing to innovate in this space


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Understanding the landscape of future food technologies currently available or under development with the potential for future acquisition or co-development


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Photo Credit: Devon Breen from Pixabay

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