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Taste Modulators for Plant Proteins-image of peas in a pod and a second pod and three kidney beans on a white background

A yet2 client seeks taste modulators or flavor ingredients, preferably natural compounds which can provide modulation of amino acid, small peptide, and macromolecule (protein) off-tastes (e.g., bitterness, beany, green, hay amongst others) and unpleasant mouthfeel (astringency, grainy, slimy amongst others) to allow greater incorporation into a range of food and beverage products for human consumption.  Protein encapsulation and processing techniques are also of interest.


Plant proteins can have off-putting or unpleasant flavors, textures, or smells when used for human food products.  There is a growing need to develop unique and appealing plant-based food products to accommodate the growing taste expectations of Flexitarian customers.  To ensure customer satisfaction with plant-based food products, natural compounds may be used to mask or eliminate any undesired characteristics of plant protein.


Materials will ideally:

  • Be naturally based
  • Have no flavor or aroma
  • Available for sampling
  • Have a noticeable impact at low concentration
  • Have physical properties that are compatible with food systems


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Our client is looking to work with a partner to initially obtain taste modulator samples for testing.  Our client is also open to nascent technologies that may not currently be at mass production.

Field of Use and Intended Applications

Plant protein-based food and beverage products


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