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yet2 client is seeking solution providers working on health and behavioral data collection, consolidation and analysis using scientifically validated algorithms. Although there is a preference for solutions with a strong back-end (aggregation of data, validated algorithms) and front-end (UX) platform, the organization will consider solutions with either capabilities.


Today, consumers can collect a variety of health and behavioral data including physical activity duration/intensity, dietary intake, genetics, composition of gut microbiome, hours of sleep etc. Currently, there exists many platforms that collect one or two types of data and make recommendations based on this analysis. However, there is a need for a platform that can integrate multiple sources of data, use AI or machine learning to process the information based on scientifically validated principals, and make personalized health recommendations to help consumers live their fullest lives.


Solutions will be able to fulfill one or more of the following criteria.

Back End:

  • Leverage results from other testing platforms such as DNA or gut microbiome sequencing
  • Be system agnostic and be able to import outside data from different platforms or devices such as wearables
  • Integrate with multiple APIs
  • Have a machine learning or AI system for analyzing data based on scientifically validated principles/learnings
  • Protect user data and have strong privacy policies
  • Be aware of regulatory policy for data sharing/data collection in US and/or Asia
  • Be able to separate and anonymize data for research purposes

Front End:

  • Provide interactive coaching for users based on analysis of their data
  • Have a user-friendly and mobile-centered dashboard
  • Provide a community to support users
  • Track progress and recommend retesting
  • Preferred – Chat Bot to respond and interact with consumers

Possible Solution Areas:

Solution providers that are collecting and interpreting data for consumers in medical devices, consumer healthcare, and/or pharmaceutical field.

Desired outcome of the solution:

Partnership opportunities such as co-development, licensing or acquisition.

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