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Mondelēz Seeking: Leavening Technology Enabling Sodium Reduction various cookies on a woven wood placemate and a white and gold platterAs the leading snack Company, Mondelēz is interested in novel leavening solutions (ingredient and/or process technologies) that enable effective sodium reduction for our baked goods portfolio (savory/salty crackers, sweet cookies).


Sodium-based leavening agents (sodium bicarbonate, SAPP etc.) are commonly used in baked goods to deliver the desired product texture and appearance. Finding alternative solutions that can deliver the same great consumer experience without elevating the pH is of interest to us.

Key Success Criteria

  • Technologies that enable eliminating or significant reduction (50+%) of sodium from leavening
  • Technology should
    • Be approved for use in Bakery products
    • Not impact product key sensorial attributes
    • Meet clean label requirements
    • Be affordable at large scale
  • Close to commercialization solutions preferred; however, technologies at all maturities will be considered, provided that a viable pathway to commercialization can be determined

What We Aren’t Interested In

  • Potassium based alternatives

Preferred Collaboration types

At this stage, we would prefer ready or close to commercialize solutions, but early development could be discussed with a potential partner.

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Photo Credit: congerdesign from Pixabay


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