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Our client is seeking innovative drilling and related technologies to be used for geothermal wells. There is a particular interest in emerging technologies that can be used to exploit the geothermal energy potential from hot rocks located deep underground. Technologies and solutions need to be suitable for large-scale projects.

All geologies are of interest, however, solutions for hot dry rocks are of particular interest. Potential solutions can be at any stage of development from early concept to commercially ready, though must be scalable for industrial applications.



yet2’s client is a global oil and gas company looking to expand their green energy production portfolio, including geothermal energy. Since a large part of geothermal energy production is in drilling and completing the wells, our client is interested to understand what technologies and other advances might offer step-change reduction in the cost of drilling, to increase the economic viability of creating new, large geothermal energy plants.


Possible Solution Areas:

  • Novel drilling technologies, including those from outside of the oil and gas industry (e.g. from mining).
  • Methods to increase rate of penetration/reduce drilling time.
  • Other technologies to reduce the costs of drilling (e.g. by simplification of the well design or extending equipment life).


Not of interest:

  • Drilling technologies that only work on a small scale or are only suitable for shallow drilling.
  • Technologies that do not work sub-surface.
  • Technologies for reducing the cost of creating geothermal energy, once the facility is in operation.


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