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Decommissioning Provider for Stainless Steel Pipes for the oil and gas industry: Image of Pipes with Flanges

A yet2 client in the oil and gas industry seeks technologies, solution providers and partners to aid in decommissioning and repurposing of steel tubular pipes that have already been removed from operation and are back on shore. An ideal partner would handle all end-to-end logistics requirements associated with tubular decommissioning. This includes lay-down, classification, decontamination, cleaning, storage, transport, and selling. However, service providers for one or more of these categories are of high interest. It is also highly important that the steel pipes will be handled safely before they are repurposed.

Our client is also very interested to understand:

  • Alternative avenues of sale (repurposing) for the steel tubulars compared to scrapping to increase the value of the materials.
  • Ways to store pipes with reduced corrosion/degradation.
  • Ways to transport tubulars more safely and efficiently.



Our client is decommissioning multiple offshore assets used in oil and gas operations and removing many km of high-grade steel pipe from under the sea floor, with outside diameters ranging from approx. 15cm to 35cm (5.5” to 13.5”). These assets are distributed over a large geographical area.

These tubulars are generally in good condition however they will need to be tested for mercury and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) contamination.

Typically, these tubulars are sold for scraps. Our client wishes to find a service provider who can improve the company’s environmental impact and achieve a higher return from re-purposing or otherwise disposing of the materials.

Possible Solution Areas

  • Decommissioning experts
  • Third party logistics providers
  • Companies with expertise in any of the steps associated with tubular decommissioning.
  • Technologies that can aid with any of the steps associated with tubular decommissioning including proving validity of asset material for repurposing.
  • Partners willing to take the high-grade steel pipes for alternative application.


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Find a contractor that can deal with all/some stages required for tubular decommissioning.


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