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yet2’s client, a very large international company, has developed a continuous drilling while casing geo-drilling technology that we believe could be very useful in geothermal applications.

This technology was initially developed for oil and gas well drilling. Now, the client is seeking to engage with partners knowledgable about geothermal wells to assist in further development.

Together with a development partner, we would like to take advantage of the U.S. Department of Energy’s $14.5M in funding for geothermal technology development. The grants are to be used for technology that 1) reduces non-drilling time; 2) advanced drilling technologies; and 3) innovative partnership models.


Technology Feature/Benefit Summaries

Continuous Drilling and Casing Technology
  • Size standardization – mono diameter of unlimited length
  • One size of everything from top to bottom: bits, motors, MWD/LWD, stabilizers, etc.
  • Casing “unrolls” directly behind the bit, like a hose being turned inside out
  • Reduction of materials cost – less steel, lower cost per ton, no connections
  • Reduction in nonproductive time
  • Lower drilling friction
  • Reduction of drilling time — 200m drill & case in 8 hours (prototype rig)
  • Reduction in OH (open hole) material volume (mud, chemicals, cement, cuttings/waste disposal)
  • Smaller footprint than conventional rigs
  • Low friction between inner (original) pipe and outer (inverted) pipe, and low radial clearance, enables extreme ERD (extended-reach drilling wells). The low friction factor is achieved by filling annular space between the two pipes with a special lubricant or bearing balls.

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