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Our client is looking for ingredients to inhibit postprandial hyperglycemia and to improve glucose metabolism with repeated intake through AMPK activation at the kidneys or muscle.


  • Required conditions:
    • They are interested in solutions that work through AMPK activation. Such materials should have evidence of the following with human and/or animal studies:
      1. Inhibition of postprandial hyperglycemia
      2. Improvement of glucose tolerance
      3. Improvement in stamina
      4. Improvement in muscle strength
    • They are NOT interested in materials that have only been validated in vitro. In order to be considered, the solution must have evidence of the above and a known mechanism of action (human clinical trial data is desirable)
    • The materials proposed should be tested for use in food and beverages and be safe to consume.
    • They are looking for ingredients for beverages or foods, not for medicine/prescription.
  • Preferred conditions:
    • They prefer materials with clear evidence on postprandial hyperglycemia inhibition or glucose tolerance improvement.
    • They prefer materials which are currently available as raw materials or can be supplied as raw materials after development.
    • It is desirable to expect mass production in case of commercialization.

There are no particular restrictions on the final terms of transactions which may be material supply, licensing, etc.  It is ideal that the materials can be added to and tested in a wide range of foods and beverages.

Possible solution areas:

Food, Beverage, Functional Food, Healthcare etc.

Desired Timeframe:

Within 6 months

Field of use and intended applications:

Beverage or Functional Foods

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