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A yet2 client is seeking technologies that can be used to replace aluminum in food packaging products.



New sustainable packaging innovations have emerged in recent years that allow for better recyclability or compostability. However, replacements for materials such as aluminum foil still face performance issues. Our client is looking for materials that will help them achieve their sustainability goals while maintaining a high standard for product integrity.



  • Able to achieve a 90° dead fold
  • Maintain stiffness at temperatures of 150+°F
  • Oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of < 1 cc/(m2*day)
  • Water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) of < 1g/(m2*day)
  • Food contact safe
  • Compatible with recycling or industrial composting streams


Desired outcome of the solution: 

Client is open to a range of potential partnership pathways.


Field of use and intended applications:

Food packaging


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Image by Julia Maior on Unsplash

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