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yet2’s client is seeking promising new additives, materials, bottle designs, equipment, processes, and technologies that can achieve step-change light-weighting improvements for large bottle packaging formats.


Large bottle formats for Personal Care and Home Care categories have been growing in the US, and our client has set sustainability goals to significantly reduce virgin plastic use. To help achieve these goals, our client is seeking novel technologies across various areas such as additives, materials, bottle designs, equipment, and processes to develop lighter-weight and more sustainable large bottle HDPE or PET packaging formats. Our client is most interested in solutions that reduce the use of virgin resin and can be
integrated into their existing lines while maintaining or improving current line speed. Our client is also open to new equipment innovations if set to come online in a 3–5 year time horizon.


Solutions must:

  • Enable at least a 10% reduction in weight. (Current production – 170g for 160oz HDPE or 125g for 210oz PET bottle)
  • Compatible with incorporating at least 35% recycled content
  • Match or improve upon current line speeds (Current speed: 64BPM HDPE, 92BPM PET)
  • Have designs enabling ease-of-use for consumers (e.g., gripping, handles)
  • Applicable for bottle sizes of 46-160oz


Other nice to have features include:

  • A reduction of 15-40% in weight when combined with other light-weighting approaches (e.g., incorporating recycled content)
  • Light weighting of HDPE or PET bottles is of primary interest but open to solutions around other easily recyclable materials.
  • Open to both commercialized and pre-production technologies and solutions that are 3-5 years from commercialization


Possible Solution Areas

  • Advanced Materials
  • Additives
  • Blow molding Process and Machines
  • Light weighting technology
  • Bottle Design


Desired outcome of the solution

Potential suppliers or solution providers to partner with.

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