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Recyclable Closure

Project Background

As part of our pep+ strategy, PepsiCo has set out to cut usage of virgin plastic from non-renewable sources per serving across our beverage portfolio by 50%. This includes reducing our absolute tonnage of virgin plastic derived from non-renewable sources by 20%. We aim to achieve this is by multiple approaches including the use of market-leading bio-based materials.

One example of PepsiCo’s strategy in this area is the development of a paper bottle for our beverages that is fully recyclable in paper stream.

Project Description

PepsiCo is seeking technologies for a re-closable fiber-based closure for a paper beverage bottle that can be recycled in the paper stream.

Key Success Criteria

The following are requirements for the fiber-based closure:

Must-Have requirements:

  • Closure can resist breakdown and deterioration from liquids and liquid contact
  • Uses only food-safe materials (capable of achieving FDA and equivalent regulatory approval)
  • Does not negatively impact recycling of package in paper stream
  • Must be re-closable and re-sealable (preventing leaking)
  • Is dimensionally stable post manufacturing (in a range of temperatures and humidity conditions) to provide seal integrity with the bottle neck finish (Dimensional tolerance range comparable to HDPE closures)
  • Does not impact organoleptic or sensory attributes of the bottle contents


Preferred requirements:

  • FDA food contact approved
  • Has oxygen barrier
  • Can be manufactured to various standard finish specifications and sizes for beverages, e.g., 28mm, 33mm, 38mm etc.
  • Can be manufactured to different closure designs (threaded, snap-fit, tethered, tamper evident feature)
  • Compatibility with high-speed filling and capping equipment traditionally used in beverage fill plants
  • Can be manufactured in a range of colors and textures
  • Preferable to complete proof of concept within 6-18 months.


Approaches Not of Interest

  • Multilayered solutions with mixed materials, e.g., liquid carton board
  • Purely lignin-based structure


Preferred collaboration Type

  • PepsiCo is open to a range of collaboration types


Resources Available when collaborating with PepsiCo

  • Access to PepsiCo expertise – Work directly with PepsiCo’s team of scientists and engineers with deep experience in materials science, packaging and bringing new products to market at massive scale.
  • Funding: Up to $100,000 USD is available for a proof-of-concept, with additional potential funding for further development.


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