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NASA’s Exploration Medical Integrated Product Team (XMIPT) is seeking solutions for clinical decision-making support technologies that could be used for in-mission medical diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment by either individuals with advanced or minimal clinical training in real time.


As possibilities for human deep space exploration evolve, NASA has identified a need for technologies that can provide medical support when direct communication with Earth is no longer viable. While current spaceflight missions can rely on direction from Earth-based  medical teams, deep space missions will require increased crew autonomy. In the event of a medical emergency treatment may be administered by astronauts with limited medical training. To aid in-mission diagnosis and treatment, NASA looks to understand currently available, or in development, AI models and software that can compute medical data and user inputs to provide real-time diagnostic and treatment decision support.

Possible Solution Areas:

  • Probabilistic or machine learning / artificial intelligence-based solutions with capabilities in:
    • Symptom classification and advising medical treatment
    • Identification of caregiver knowledge requirements
    • Consideration of on-board resources available
    • Rationales behind agent- or system- provided recommendations
  • Ideal solutions should:
    • Integrate or fuse data from multiple sources (i.e., inventory of medical resources, real time health data)
    • Provide instructions or integrate with procedural guidance tool(s) to assist medical procedures
    • Be user friendly (easy to read, provide audio/video guidance, trustworthy, customizable)
    • Operate with minimal pre-mission medical and solution use training


Desired outcome of the solution:

Off-the-shelf solution preferred; however, NASA is open to partnerships to assist in development of earlier stage or adjacent technologies.


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