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Unilever is seeking new materials and technologies, that can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of our current packaging portfolio, whilst still providing the key properties required to meet consumer needs. The proposals should also ensure they have the ability to be fully circular by design, either as part of a recyclable/recycled material loop, or through a biological loop using composting.


Main Requirements

  • Examples of the types of technology areas that will be considered are:
  • Carbon capture technologies
  • Bioplastics from agricultural waste/regenerative agriculture
  • Alternative materials from land/water efficient carbon sinks (seaweed etc)
  • Materials with significantly lower GHG requirements for manufacture or conversion

Desired Outcome

  • New packaging solutions which can reduce the carbon footprint of our portfolio, with an ambition for the packaging solution to be carbon neutral or regenerative by design.
  • We are open to the following types of engagement: sponsored research for development and proof of concept testing, consultation, licensing existing technology for Unilever to apply, purchase commercial ready solution, open to any, etc..

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