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This yet2 client is seeking technologies that can capture, convert, and utilize emissions from industrial flue gas including but not limited to CO2 and N2. Solutions that provide valuable and high-purity outputs are of high interest. Direct air capture and carbon sequestration are out of scope.



Companies around the world are taking action to combat climate change and meet the regulations that aim to achieve a measurable impact for reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Many industrial processes rely on boiler combustion systems that produce CO2, among other GHGs. Recent advances allow for not only carbon capture and sequestration, but conversion and utilization of the waste carbon into valuable resources.



The ideal solution will provide a valuable, usable product from boiler exhaust emission waste. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • High-purity CO2 and N2 gas
  • Food substances such as proteins, fats, lipids, etc.
  • Energy-related materials such as hydrogen or biofuel
  • Plastics and packaging
    • Be able to work with industrial flue gas boilers that are 10-40 MW in scale
  • Direct air capture is out of scope
    • Have a high rate of capture and/or conversion
    • Have completed prototype development and testing but does not have to be fully commercially ready


Possible Solution Areas:

  • Membranes
  • Absorbents
  • Precision fermentation
  • Algae


Desired outcome of the solution:

Open to a range of partnership approaches that allow client access to technology and outputs.


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Image by Matthias Heyde on Unsplash

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