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This organization is seeking technologies that utilize captured carbon to create ingredients for use in food in an effort to minimize carbon footprint. These technologies can be at early-stage development including those at concept stage, research and validation stage or higher.


Efforts to reduce emissions from manufacturing are ongoing and now technologies exist that allows the capture of carbon and its conversion into valuable products. This applies to food manufacturing and as such there is increased interest in producing food ingredients from captured carbon.


Solutions must

  • Utilize captured carbon to produce ingredients.
  • Reduce emissions of ingredient and/or final product production.
  • Alternative ingredients must be functionally similar to ingredients being replaced.


Solutions should

  • Ideally, utilize biogenic carbon over other sources.
  • Have data to support emission reduction claims (need-to-have for later-stage technologies)
  • Should not have other adverse environmental impacts (e.g. substantially increase water usage)
  • Ideally, alternative ingredients will improve on functionality of existing ingredients.


Possible Solution Areas Include (but are not limited to)

  • Sustainable Alternatives for existing ingredients (not limited to):
    • Vegetable Oils
    • Dairy
    • Animal proteins
    • Starches
    • Sugars
    • Emulsifiers
  • Microbial CO2 conversion
  • Electrocatalysis


Desired outcome of the solution

Open to a variety of partnership opportunities including supplier or co-development

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