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Unilever Seeking: Next Generation Plant-Based Meat Products-Image of vegetables, faux meat products, and the vegetarian Butcher logo

The Vegetarian Butcher/Unilever is seeking the next generation of plant-based meat products


Unilever presented in the end of 2020 the ambition to reach a new annual global sales target of €1 billion from plant-based meat and dairy alternatives, within the next five to seven years. The growth will be driven by the roll-out of The Vegetarian Butcher as well as increasing vegan alternatives from brands including Hellmann’s, Magnum and Wall’s. The Vegetarian Butcher aiming on his side to become the biggest Butcher in the world research, develops and manufactures the new meat of tomorrow. In this new era of meat, the Vegetarian butcher is calling out to all pioneers and innovators to join us in this mission to deliver the best quality of meat while removing the animal from the Food chain.

Description & Key Features:

We are looking for the next generation of plant-based meat products and solutions. Example of areas of interest where we are seeking solutions include:

  • Sub-challenge 1.1: Novel product solution types
  • Sub-challenge 1.2: New ingredients or combination of ingredients types
  • Sub-challenge 1.3: New processing & manufacturing technology types
  • Sub-challenge 1.4: Any solutions that could help The Vegetarian Butcher to be more sustainable

Surprise us  with your creativity !

What We Don’t Want to See

  • Obvious additions to current products and technologies

Desired Outcome

  • Shall be able to be tested/ tasted at the Vegetarian butcher kitchen
  • Shall present an idea of scalability and implementation

Unilever / The Vegetarian Butcher  is open to a range of collaboration and partnerships which could help to deliver the next generation of plant based meat

Submit Ideas

(Open the ” Imagine the next generation of plant-based meat products” Tab)


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