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Good Nutrition Matters

Many people realize that what they eat influences their health, their mood, and how much they can get done each day. In fact, there’s never been more interest among consumers in nutrition and health.

We’re empowering people to consume more nutritious foods and drinks. That’s why we’re looking for nutritional solutions to improve health & wellness and to enhance resilience.

Description & Key Features

We are looking for:

  • science-based solutions to deliver a holistic approach to immunity
  • science-based solutions to improve sleep, stress, and cognition for healthy individuals
  • affordable solutions to help children grow up healthy
  • solutions to improve iron intake
  • science-based solutions that measure and beneficially modulate gut microbiome function and composition for healthy individuals
  • science-based digital personalised solutions that will lead to sustained behaviour change and improved nutrition/wellness


Desired Outcome (including preferred collaboration types)

  • Robust scientific data to support efficacy and safety
  • Regulatory/legal/safety understanding
  • Unilever is open to a range of collaboration types


What We Aren’t Interested In

  • Solutions that are not based on sound scientific evidence
  • Pharmacological solutions aimed at curing individuals


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