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yet2 client is interested in partnering with companies that have personalized health technologies and platforms that can deliver a personalized product, or systems to personalize product.


This client works in the health and wellness space and is interested in tailoring their offerings to best suit consumer needs. Following a user diagnostic (anything from questionnaire to imaging to blood/DNA test), the ability to select and deliver a product with demonstrable impact is of high interest. While many companies are claiming to offer personalized products, the industry runs a gamut from simply helping a user select an off-the-shelf solution all the way through point-of-delivery mixing and packaging solutions that will output a customized product in a personalized package. All types of personalization are in scope at this stage, however, it is important to understand where companies fit within the broader industry.



  • Solutions must be commercialized or near-commercial.
  • Product recommended or delivered should have a consumable format (including, but not limited to, food, beverage, capsule, bar, powder, etc.)

Additional desirable features include:

  • Information about validation studies, regulatory filings, and/or health claims, as applicable.
  • Current availability, or ability to move into, Asian markets.

Solution types exclude:

  • Diagnostics/systems for personalization applications without a paired consumable as an output.


Desired outcome of the solution:

Our client is open to a variety of partnership opportunities to be discussed on an individual basis.

Field of use and intended applications:

Information and relationships formed during the project will be used to guide future strategy and implementation of personalized product offerings.


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