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A yet2 client is seeking alternatives to animal protein. These may be sourced from plants, fungi, marine organisms, and other sources.


Consumer demand for alternative protein sources is increasing. This is driven by a variety of motivations including health benefits, environmental benefits, concerns for animal welfare, economic concerns, and future global resource concerns.



  • Must have achieved prototype status as a minimum and be supported by data (e.g. cost, health benefits, environmental impact, consumer preference, etc.)
  • Must have a demonstrable consumer benefit or appeal
  • May include non-meat texture variants
  • May include improved processing methods, research working groups, and alternative protein consortia
  • Must be compatible with freezing

Additional desirable features include:

  • Vegan
  • Allergen-free
  • Improved quality/taste/texture

Solution types exclude:

  • Insect proteins
  • Lab grown meat

Desired outcome of the solution:

Interested in understanding new protein sources gaining traction in the food market. Novel protein sources or processing methods that offer consumer benefit or appeal will be considered. Seeking to engage with world experts and thought leaders to help predict and shape the future of alternatives to animal proteins.

Field of use and intended applications:

Information and relationships formed during the project will be used to guide future strategy and implementation of alternatives to animal protein.

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