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PepsiCo is interested in identifying alternative measuring devices with improved method error for use in water and beverage matrices. Currently, plants use conductivity, timers, and/or flowmeters to determine when a flavor is ‘changed-over’ or residual chemical is present. The current method presents difficulties because it is unable to detect changes in water quality; conductivity, absorbance, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), etc. The proposed sensor would have a more accurate measurement than current conductivity sensors. The capability of having an inline sensor (measures fluid in the pipe) would provide instantaneous feedback control to optimize rinse times, materials, and utilities. The CIP sensors would support chemical, water, and total line efficiency savings expanding across PepsiCo plants.

Key Success Criteria


  • Inline sensor
  • Must be able to withstand CIP conditions (e.g. if inline in a tank)
    • Temperature ≥ 185℉
    • High flow rates (Turbulent flow)
    • High chemical concentrations, conductivity
  • Must be a sanitary design if it will come into contact with product (e.g. in a tank headspace)
  • Real time detection
  • Data storage capability
    • Frequent data collection for results and analysis
    • Capable of storing and easy transfer of data
  • Sensitivity and detection limit
    • Capable of detecting when a change occurs instantly and accurately (high sensitivity and low detection limit)
  • Quantify specific compound, conductivity, absorbance, etc.
  • Integrate software to PEP software
    • Display and transfer data to PLC and HMI
      • Allen Bradley, Siemens
    • Calibration of sensor
    • Easy installation of sensor
    • Preventative/predictive maintenance program
      • Low or annual maintenance (use frequently with maximum accuracy and no disturbance)
    • Proof of concept testing


  • Custom software/solutions to update and learn PEP system
  • Commercial ready solution


Preferred Collaboration Types

Collaboration types are to be negotiated and PepsiCo will consider solutions from start-ups through to commercial ready technologies.

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