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This project is no longer open for submissions.


Procter & Gamble and the P&G Responsible Beauty Team are looking for responsible packaging solutions.  Below you will find the specific constraints of this search and the requirements for submission.

Overall Intent

P&G Responsible Beauty is our long-term commitment to be a positive force for beauty in the world, guiding the development and operations of all of P&G Beauty’s brands.

It is based on systems thinking, rooted in creating best practices across five areas we see as connected and interdependent —quality and performance, safety, sustainability, transparency, and equality and inclusion–ensuring we grow responsibly to better serve consumer, retailer, and stakeholder needs in a resource-constrained world.

By partnering and working with the world’s top experts in diverse fields, from sourcing to packaging sustainability and more, P&G Responsible Beauty ensures we both create products that offer superior performance and drive positive impact on society and the environment. With this intent, we invite you to help and support us on this journey of Responsible Beauty and specifically, Responsible Packaging.

An outline of the needs and the scope can be found in the brief below. This request will cover the identification of responsible packaging solutions for refills under two distinct scopes:

  • Leg 1.1 – Improve existing refill solution;
  • Leg 1.2 -Identify new refill/reuse solutions.

For both legs, the objective is to address the following challenges:

  • Design: need to look more premium/no collapsing on shelves and appear more natural;
  • Sustainability: minimize/eliminate use of plastic by being a recyclable and ideally a recycled material, better environmental footprint;
  • Usability: easy to refill/delightful consumer experience/perform during the use (shower).

Please note: a separate brief is being shared specifically on responsible packaging solutions for existing plastic bottles.

Leg 1.1. Leg 1.2
Product Form Shampoo and Conditioner in liquid form.
Package Refill only (pouch on the right side of the illustration) Replenish and Reuse (overall system i.e. pouch, aluminum can and pump)
Sizing 300ml to 750ml
Geography We look for solutions across the globe

Europe is the market where solutions may be implemented

Success Criteria
  • Ideal: no virgin plastic
  • Must have:
    • Lower plastic content than today( alternative materials to plastic considered);
    • Communicates sustainable and premium
  • Ideal:
    • 0% plastic across the system;
    • 100% recyclable
    • 100% recycled
  • Must have: less plastic to no virgin plastic (alternative materials considered)

Stands-up (doesn’t collapse)

Stable without additional support or product holder needed.

Good size impression (wide and tall vs narrow and deep)

Fit-For-Use Ensures products stability and microbiological protection throughout the intended shelf life (2-3 years)
  • Delightful design and consumer experience
  • Easy to open and dispense in the durable bottle
    • Refill nozzle that prevents spillage
    • Refill Pouch that  facilitates getting all the liquid out
  • Delightful design and consumer experience
  • Quick and easy refill system with no risk of spillage or product waste
Financials Cost effective
Operations Ideal: pouches to be processed at ~[200-300] units/min

No constraint

  • Ideal:
    •  Late differentiation(digital printing, labeled pouch)
    • Target lead time at ~2 weeks
    • MOQ at ~5000 units
No constraint
IP Protect competitive advantage if needed and possible
Exclusivity Providing exclusive access/use to P&G is of high interest.
Readiness Product launch in Q1 2022 Product launch in CY22/23


We are open to hearing your insights on the direction of sustainable packaging as well as any further information which you have on industry consortiums, the future of packaging, and any partnerships/programs that may be of interest to P&G.

Solutions and partners that have the ability to meet a maximum number of the above criteria will be invited to attend a virtual P&G Responsible Packaging Summit with the Beauty Care leadership team in mid-November.

Process and Timings

Timing Interventions
Oct 5th – Nov 7th Phase #1 – Submission of solution presentation
Nov 9th – Nov 17th  Phase #2 – Assessment – Stage one
Nov 26th & 27th Phase #3 – Supplier summit: deep dive on pre-selected solutions
Nov 30th – Dec 11th Phase #4 – Select solution(s) to develop further
Dec 14th External communication


Phase #1: Solution Presentation to include:

  • Brief Company Overview
  • Overview of Market / IndustryTrends & Insights in Sustainable Packaging
  • Solutions (no more than 1-3slidesper solution):
    • Technology Overview1
    • Benefit
    • Readiness & Stage of Development
  • Submission template (see form below)
  • Submissions must be received no later than November 7th, 2020.
  • Samples2 to be sent to:
Remy Groff Joerg Zimmerman Mark Agerton
Procer & Gamble

Route de Saint Georges 47,

1213 Petit Lancy


Procter & Gamble Service GMbH

Sulzbacher Str. 40,

65824 Schwalbach am Taunus


Procter & Gamble

8700 Mason Montgomery Rd.

Mason, OH 45040


1: Only non-confidential information describing the method, current use and IP can be accepted for review.
2: We look only for samples already commercially available –samples to be designed or produced specifically for P&G are not requested at this stage.

Phase #2:

Suppliers and solutions to be evaluated by working team based on the Success Criteria listed above. Short-listed ideas will be invited to the next phase.

Phase #3:

Shortlisted suppliers will be invited to a virtual supplier. Objective will be for suppliers to present more in detail their company and solution to P&G Beauty Care Leadership during a 45 min dedicated session.

Phase #4:

Suppliers and solutions final selection. In case of any question during the process, please reach out to Joerg Zimmermann (zimmermann.j@pg.com+49 172 62 38 515, R&D packaging)and Remy Groff (groff.r@pg.com+41 795 182 269, Purchases packaging).

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