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A yet2 client is seeking market-ready and late-stage development products that deliver consumer oral care in the following nontraditional oral format categories:

  • Therapeutic, sugar-free gummies and soft chews
  • Edible, dissolvable toothpaste pods
  • Toothpaste/mouthwash tablets (quickly dissolvable in saliva)
  • Edible toothpaste tapes/ribbons

Solutions are to serve some form of oral care role, such as: serving as toothpaste with cleaning properties, delivering active ingredients with oral/dental benefits, and/or contributing to mouth freshness and wellness.

Key Requirements

Across all format categories above, solutions must be…

  • Derived and made from vegetarian/vegan ingredients
  • Market-ready, where samples can be provided upon request, without extended development timelines
  • Beneficial and safe for teeth and gums


This client is seeking providers of the above oral care technologies who are well positioned to serve Latin American, North American, European, and Asian markets.

Further details and lists of requirements for each format category are available upon request.  Contact information is listed below.

Please provide with your request: your company’s name and the format category for which you may have a solution.

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