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yet2 is supporting a client in their technology landscape survey of technologies and companies incorporating various types of sensors in product offerings that help improve the comfort, value, and/or safety of physical spaces. Of high priority are systems based on sensors imitating the basic senses of sight, smell, touch, and hearing, which are implemented in such a way to provide value by improving how people experience and use a physical space.

Physical Spaces of Interest (but not limited to)

  • Industrial facilities
  • Retail spaces
  • Office/business spaces
  • Residential spaces
  • Automotive interiors
  • Healthcare settings


Applications of Interest (but not limited to)

  • Digital healthcare
  • Retail and advertising
  • Security
  • Smarthome/intelligent spaces
  • Gaming and e-sports
  • Energy management


Know of a Relevant Technology?

This client is eager to learn about companies operating in this space to identify partnering possibilities and opportunities. If you are aware of a technology fitting the description of sensor-based spatial enhancement systems above, please contact yet2 via the email address listed below. Please include with your message, the company name and a brief description of the product/technology, including links or documents that can add supporting detail.

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