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yet2 manages and maintains Colgate-Palmolive’s Open Innovation portal.

Colgate-Palmolive is actively looking for innovation and partnership solutions in the Oral, Personal, Home categories.

Colgate-Palmolive is particularly interested in exploring potential partnerships that would enable it to expand its capabilities in the following platform areas:

  • Quantified Health and Analytics
  • Advanced Skin Care
  • New Delivery Forms
  • Naturals/New Sources of active ingredients
  • Sustainable Packaging materials and Products
  • New Business Models
  • Underserved consumers
  • Manufacturing of the Future
  • Supply Chain Digitization



Colgate-Palmolive is looking for technical solutions/approaches (Oral and Home Care) for:

  • Odor control
  • Cleansing/soil removal
  • Novel/unique skin and mouth feel solutions
  • Controlled release/deposition of active ingredients
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Antibacterial ingredients/boosters of antibacterial ingredients
  • Improved skin and gingival physiology/function (healing)
  • Non-peroxide tooth whitening/anti-stains (all approaches)
  • Novel formula preservation strategies
  • On-the-go solutions
  • Self-cleaning solutions
  • Quantified health (predictive and diagnostics)
  • Oral Care solutions for individuals with specific health needs (geriatric, diabetics, etc)


Colgate-Palmolive is looking for technical solutions/approaches (Personal and Skin care) for:

  • Future of Sun Care: Ingredients that can enhance current approved monograph actives (US/EU)
  • Anti-pigmentation: Alternative ingredients to hydroquinones, peels
  • Anti-wrinkle: Solutions providing fast results for anti-ageing benefits
  • Alternative chemistries to aluminum salts for sweat protection
  • Personal Care solutions for individuals with specific health needs (geriatric, diabetics, etc)


Colgate-Palmolive is looking for technical solutions/approaches (Packaging) for:

  • Advanced Dispensing Systems: Structures enabling superior UX via improved application, dosage, evacuation, or cleanliness
  • Degradable / Compostable: Capable of degrading to benign/beneficial materials within specific timeframe & conditions
  • eCommerce Packaging Solutions for Shipping: Packaging designed for eCommerce channel with a focus on transit
  • Fully Recyclable: Packaging which can be reprocessed into new materials at scale
  • Renewable Source Materials for Packaging: Substances that can be replenished faster than extraction demand. Includes bio- & non-plastics
  • Reusable / Durable: Structures that can be used for multiple full use cycles
  • Advanced Product Packaging: Packaging systems that enable improved stability and product performance
  • Reduced and Affordable Packaging: Solutions that minimize and eliminate the amount of packaging materials or that enable very low price point
  • Intelligent/Connected: Methods to communicate directly with users via packaging systems
  • Improved Manufacturability: Improvements to processability, speed, & efficiency from a manufacturing & filling perspective
  • Predictive Testing Capabilities: Processes and systems enabling improved forecasting of packaging performance testing results [e.g. shelf life, top-load, etc.]
  • Personalized Packaging: Customizable Packaging Solutions


Colgate-Palmolive is looking for solutions/approaches (Manufacturing and Logistics) for:

  • Zero touch manufacturing for: Material movement, Quality, Changeover
  • Flexible & modular manufacturing
  • Connected Worker: Digital workflow and manufacturing systems
  • Machine Learning for predictive quality, predictive maintenance
  • Augmented reality for manufacturing and learning
  • Energy, Health and Safety, Warehouse and Logistics Monitoring & Automation
  • Advanced sensing technology
  • Robotics Process Automation for Supply Chain

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