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Innovative “toilet block” tech to clean & refresh -Image of a bathroom

On behalf of a consumer products company interested in toilet block technology, yet2 is seeking innovative products and innovative technologies in the toilet block space and in related adjacent spaces. Toilet blocks are consumer products that fit within the toilet bowl (not the cistern water tank behind the bowl) and deliver active ingredients during each flush to provide cleaning and freshness. This client is interested in a variety of potential partnerships related to this topic.


Profile of potential technology provider

yet2 is seeking innovative technologies and technology providers in this area for future partnerships with our client, including licensing, co-development, and supply/manufacturing arrangements. Technologies, products, and brands owned by the largest companies active in this space (Unilever, SC Johnson, Henkel, and Reckitt Benckiser) are not of interest and out of scope for this search.

Format and Product/Technology Type

Several formats that are in-scope are:

  • Blocks which are enclosed within a cage and hung onto the toilet rim
  • Blocks that are stuck onto the bowl, often using an applicator

…as well as innovative formats for the same purpose that offer ongoing functionality over many flushes without intervention.

Innovative applicator designs, materials-based innovations for block or applicator, and other “contributing” solutions that may offer improvement over existing performance are also of interest.

Out-of-scope technologies include tablet-form toilet cleaners, deodorizers without cleaning functionality, and manual spray products.

Stage of Development

yet2’s client on this project is only interested in in technologies and solutions which are of sufficient maturity that prototypes or samples might be obtained. Very early stage ideas where this would not be possible (e.g. ideas only at a concept stage, requiring significant product development) are not of interest. Complete, commercially available products and partial/contributing technical solutions are both of interest.


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Photo Credit: Jan Antonin Kolar on Unsplash & Phil Hearing on Unsplash

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