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Unilever is seeking solutions to address one of the key issues faced by consumers using detergent powder:

  • presence of insoluble residues which connote poor value and product quality.

To achieve this, they are looking at alternatives to current insoluble coating/layering aids.

Main Requirements

  • The coating/layering material should have high resistance to gain moisture from humid environment but should ideally be also be water soluble during use by consumer.
  • Cost effective, or comparable to current coating/layering technologies
  • Stable, compatible in detergent formulations
  • Ideally a formulation solution but open to processing intervention with minimal capital expenditure

Desired Outcome

  • Powder with no insolubles, good dissolution profile, good shelf life and no caking issues

What we are not interested in

  • Ingredients with Safety concerns
  • Changes to powder sensories (e.g. fragrance, dissolution, foam)

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