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In line with Unilever’s cleaner choices agendathey are seeking new technologies/materials that can be used to deliver better/comparable whiteness benefits on fabrics compared to commonly used fluorescers like DASCC*.  New technologies/materials should be biodegradable and manufactured using green raw materials.

Main Requirements

  • Weight and cost efficient
  • Comparable/better performance to fluorescers
  • It should not have any gross negative on consumer fabrics (like spotting & staining)
  • Compatibility /Stability in powder detergent formulation

Desired Outcome

Material with Green chemistry and biodegradable with single wash whiteness boost as current fluorescers (DASCC)

What We Are Not Interested In

  • Technologies that have Safety concerns
  • Non-biodegradable materials
  • Materials that are not compatible with detergent powders

*DASCC: Diamino stilbene cyanuric chloride

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